Grant Center

Our Commitment Area

The Foundation remains deeply committed to the activities and causes supported by Adi and Walter Blum. Since its inception, The Foundation has achieved a standard of unique and innovative grant making that has had a sizable impact on the disadvantaged and underserved. It is The Foundation's goal to ensure that this philosophy of caring for the community continues to thrive.

Geographic Funding Area

The Foundation's principal geographic area of concern is primarily dedicated to Palm Beach County and the state of Florida.

What We Fund

The Foundation encourages thoughtful projects that address community needs and have clearly defined objectives with measurable impact.

Funding Categories

  • Community sports programs
  • Activities for young people
  • Preservation of Palm Beach
  • The arts
  • Underserved communities
  • Education
  • Health care Issues
  • Homeless, housing and food programs
  • Programs for adults and children with special needs
Grants may be awarded for capital needs; start up costs; and administrative costs. Grant awards range from $500 to in excess of $50,000 with the typical award being in the $10,000 to $25,000 range. The Foundation welcomes and encourages matching grants and looks for projects that have multiple sources of funding along with strong support from an organization's board of directors.

What We Do Not Fund

  • Endowments
  • Grants for sectarian or religious purposes
  • Grants to individuals
  • Grants for either lobbying, influencing elections, or influencing legislation
  • Organizations that have not been determined by the IRS to be public charities


A completed application submitted by the first Saturday of the month will be reviewed by the Board of Directors on the 3rd Monday of the month.


  • Applicants submitting complete grant requests that do not meet The Foundation's current guidelines will be notified of the rejection of the application.
  • Applications that meet The Foundation's guidelines may be scheduled for on-site visits by members of the Board of Directors.
  • Applicants MUST notify The Foundation if there are any changes to the grant request after the proposal is submitted.
  • Recipients may be required to sign a Condition of Grant Award contract.
  • Grant recipients may be required to complete a "Grant Accountability Report" detailing how the funds were used.
  • When a grant is awarded covering less than the total cost of the requested amount, Foundation funds will be released when all monies needed to purchase the item or complete the project are in hand.

Merits and Priority

In determining the merits and priority of an application, particular consideration will be given to:
  • The seriousness of the problem and adequacy of the proposed action.
  • The degree to which the proposal enables individuals to help themselves.
  • The capability of the organization and its personnel to achieve expected results; and the degree of potential benefit to the community.
Priorities for funding will vary from time to time. Even though a project meets established criteria, it may not be funded because of limited funds or other reasons.

Terms & Conditions

  • You agree that the grant shall be used exclusively for the purpose originally requested. Any modifications must be approved in writing by The Foundation.
  • You agree to notify The Foundation of any material changes that occur in the project for which the grant is awarded. This could include changes in costs, funding from other sources, or timetable for project start or completion. (If there is any doubt, such as the importance of any changes, please contact
  • You are responsible for the expenditure of grant funds and for maintaining adequate accounting records.
  • You agree that The Foundation may terminate this grant if, in its discretion, it determines that you have made any misrepresentation, misappropriated grant funds or done anything inconsistent with the conditions of the grant. The declaration of, or filing for bankruptcy by your organization will automatically terminate the grant.
  • You agree to notify The Foundation if there is a change in key personnel essential to the ongoing administration of your organization.
  • You agree to return any unexpended funds to The Foundation upon completion of the project.
  • You understand that The Foundation does not seek publicity for grant awards. However, there may be occasions when publicly announcing a grant could be beneficial to you in your fund raising efforts. Under these circumstances, you agree to submit to The Foundation for its approval, any press releases or announcements that identify The Foundation prior to distribution.

Pursuant to the USA Patriot Act, you warrant and represent that as of the date of the application and through the term of the grant:

  • Your organization, any person or entity controlling or controlled by your organization, any person having a beneficial interest in your organization or any person for whom your organization is acting as agent or nominee, is neither a country, territory, individual or entity named on the Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC") list, nor is a person or entity prohibited under the OFAC Programs.
  • You may be required to complete a grant accountability report upon completion of the project.

You agree to return funds promptly to The Foundation if:

  • The Foundation terminates the grant for reasons detailed above.
  • You lose your exemption from federal income tax as provided in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • You are found to be in violation of any federal, state, or local law, including, but not limited to, tax, licensing or zoning requirements.


Previous Awards

  • Collaborative gift with Palm Beach County School Board for Blum Stadium at Dwyer High School
  • Collaborative gift with City of West Palm Beach for tennis courts at the Multi-Cultural Center.
  • Community Foundation of Palm Beach and Martin counties to fund The Blum Scholarship Award Fund.
  • City of Belle Glade to fund various municipal improvements.
  • The Treasure Box Project to fund distribution of holiday boxes for under privileged children.
  • Collaborative gift with Kiwanis Club of Palm Beach for the Shots for Tots program.
  • Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach.
  • Town of Palm Beach
  • WPBT Channel Communications